Connecting Obsessions.

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The Time Traveler’s Wife meets  Notting Hill

In his early twenties,  budding  scientist  Richard  Stevenson stumbles across a newspaper picture of a young actress taken at a Gala Dinner in Los Angeles in 2014. Intrigued by the haunted expression on her face, he researches her career and  discovers  that  she  killed  herself  in  2017  aged just 26. This triggers an obsession  with  the  girl,   an  obsession  that  will  result  in  a  journey  never attempted before.

     Many  years  earlier,  Rachel  Starr  is  a  wannabe  actress. She has been in Hollywood  for  two  years  but is not alone. There are hundreds like her, many facing   dangers  from   those  who   would  entice   them  into   the  world   of pornography, prostitution, or simply into bed. Then, one day, she finds herself in the clutches of a sexual predator.

    Paul  Lander  is  an  enigmatic  character  seemingly  possessing an intimate knowledge of what the future holds for Rachel - and, indeed, the rest of us.

**  **  **

Richard, Rachel and Paul. What is the connection between the three?  

How can there even be a connection between the three?

The answer lies in obsession. In Paul Lander’s three connecting obsessions.

Connecting Obsessions, a novel by Neil Mavrick.

BlueInk Reviews describes Connecting Obsessions as  . . .

A shrewdly constructed page-turner,

A highly entertaining, emotionally compelling read.

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