If you are unfamiliar with Captiva "anti-robot" measures and/or cannot work out how to proceed below, please read the instructions below. In particular, note the content of the third paragraph - highlighted in bold text.

This 'Contact Form' below uses an anti-spam measure - to stop web crawlers using the details to send Spam Mail to us. You will probably have  come across these before.

     In this case, the procedure will show a series of small images, with a request for you to click on all the images that match specific criteria - for example "all images that show a shop front."

     Unfortunately, because the space available for this feature is currently restricted to the area taken up by the contact form, you will need to scroll around the area using the scroll bars or the up, down, left and right arrows on your keyboard. In some browsers the scroll bars may not work. Apologies for this, I hope that this can be corrected in due course, but I do believe that this image selection process is simpler to use than having to key in letters and/or numbers from hard-to-read displays.

     Therefore, please complete the form as indicated, and then click on the box preceding "I'm not a robot".

     Scroll to the top of the images that appear, where you will see the selection criteria required in this instance.

     Scroll through all images, selecting those that match the criteria and then click the "Verify" button in the lower right corner.

     If all is correct, a green tick will appear, and you can use the "Send Message" button to send your message.

     Warning! Occasionally one or more of the selected images can change. You will be warned if that has happened.

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